Penn Libraries Presents: College House Delivery!

Want to get Penn Libraries items delivered directly to your College House? Sign up now!

We get it, some days you just don’t want to walk all the way to the library! For those who live off-campus, the Libraries is continuing to offer our popular Books By Mail service, which allows patrons to get materials shipped anywhere in the United States. On top of that, the Libraries have instituted a new College House Delivery service for students who live on campus. Much like Books by Mail, users will need to register ahead of time with the name of their College House. Then select College House Delivery when checking out from the Franklin catalog. Materials will be delivered to a cart outside the College House Office. Getting Penn Libraries items has never been easier! Residential students can sign up for dorm delivery at this link.  Then, to request items in our catalog: 


1. Click the "Get It" button (you may have to sign in first to see it)

2. Choose "Request In Print"

3. Select "College House Delivery"


Once we get your request, we'll pull your item, check it out to you, and deliver it to the library cart by your College House's business office.  You'll know your item is on the way when you receive your loan receipt by email.  You can pick up your item during the business office's open hours.  Deliveries are made early afternoon Monday-Friday; if you need your item faster you can always request pickup at the library of your choosing, or you can take advantage of our new automated lockers at Van Pelt for maximum flexibility.

You can also return items to the library using the College House Delivery cart; simply place any items you no longer need on the bottom shelf of the cart (marked "book return") and we will pick it up the next time we're there and bring it back to the library to check it in and reshelve it.