Global Citizenship Forum: "Future’s So Bright…?" A Lauder College House Town Hall


Back in the ’80s, One-Hit-Wonder band Timbuk3 released a song that purported to capture the Zeitgeist of the Age: a student of nuclear science, looking eagerly to graduation and future employment even as they recognized that they might be contributing to burning the world down around them. “The Future’s So Bright,” they sang, “I Gotta Wear Shades!” The song is ironic… kind of.


A lot has changed in the half century since then, and maybe we are not feeling quite so ironic. But there’s still lots to anticipate… and to ponder… as we contemplate the future. Therefore, Lauder College House’s Global Citizenship Forum invites you to share your views on what the future holds: for you and your peeps; for Penn and Philadelphia; for our world and our planet.


Saturday April 15th, 2023 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM


Dining Pavilion