FYI: First Year Innovation

FYI: First Year Innovation is an opportunity for first year residents of Lauder College House to live together on a floor and engage in activities that promote transition to life at Penn, academic development, personal health and wellness, and social interaction.

Innovation involves putting creative ideas into action. In FYI, we hope to foster a community of students interested in exploring different approaches to pursuing goals, making connections, and caring for ourselves and others. Students who participate in FYI will be able to share common experiences with other first year students, talk about their individual strengths and challenges during their first year, develop personal and academic goals, practice skills that promote personal wellness, and explore our community at Penn and in Philadelphia.

FYI activities will include weekly community gatherings that feature group discussions, team-building, and other social activities, and monthly workshops focused on academic skill development and wellness practices. We will also venture out in Philadelphia to learn about our city. Residents will also be able to shape FYI initiatives and activities by bringing their own interests and ideas to our program offerings.

FYI is located on the 7th floor of Lauder College House. This floor includes a fitness room, wellness space, and community room with kitchen. These spaces are available for use by all Lauder College House residents.

To apply to be a part of the FYI community, and for more information about Program Communities, visit: