Science Project Initiative Group

This student-designed community will create a science-based project incorporating the majors and interests of all the people on the floor. Through uniting a variety of majors, we will endeavor to create an interdisciplinary project which shows the reality of scientific endeavors: in the real world, projects don't stay isolated in tidy academic subfields. The habit of using academic knowledge outside the classroom to do interesting things is an experience which will help residents grow, regardless of their major.

By working in a self-guided program, we expect a community to form that will live, work, and learn together.

To apply for this program community, please complete the Housing Application and select "SPRInG for Coding."

(Please note that knowledge, familiarity and interest in coding is not required for this program. Coding is not a component of the community goals, unless the students who live in the community choose to incorporate those skills into their work.)


Program Location: 7th floor

Special Amenities: Program lounge


Trina Sokoloski