Available Spaces


Lauder College House contains common rooms and programming spaces which are able to be reserved through this website - under the "Calendar" tab for LCH residents.  Non-residents can contact the Main Office at lauder@collegehouses.upenn.edu .


Our common rooms include (2) Music Practice Rooms, (2) Study Rooms, and a Community Kitchen.  These rooms are “open access” for LCH residents.  Non-residents can reserve these spaces through the Main Office – lauder@collegehouses.upenn.edu .

Music Practice Rooms – Designed to be soundproof, each practice room contains an upright piano and mounted whiteboard.

Study Rooms – Smaller tables and chairs make these quiet spaces for individual or group study. 

Community Kitchen – Equipped with major appliances (refrigerator, glass-top stove, oven, microwave) as well as a large table for dining or demonstrations.  

Our programming spaces include (2) Seminar Rooms, the Living Room, Dining Pavilion, Community Room, Media Room, Lifted Lawn, and Courtyard.  LCH residents are given priority for reservations.  Non-residents can reserve these spaces through the Main Office – lauder@collegehouses.upenn.edu .

Seminar Rooms – Ideal for lectures, group presentations, and meetings.  Each room includes flip top tables configured into one large conference table, chairs, and a mounted whiteboard.  Our larger seminar room (rm. 110) also has a podium with data connections.  Both the tables and chairs are wheeled for easy reconfiguration. 


Living Room – Equipped for both formal and informal events, this open space contains a Steinway piano along with lounge furniture and stackable chairs.


Dining Pavilion – Set off of the main Dining area, this space can be closed off for private events or open for more informal programming.  It is furnished with traditional dining tables and chairs, lounge side tables and chairs, and media equipment for viewing and listening needs.


Community Room – Located on our 7th floor, this room is surrounded by large windows and includes a bathroom, small kitchen, and media corner equipped with lounge furniture. The community room cannot be reserved past 10pm in compliance with courtesy and quiet hours.


Media Room – Furnished with a state-of-the-art audio/visual system, bleacher seating, and lounge chairs, this room is ideal for film screenings, presentations, or viewing sports events. ***PLEASE NOTE: As of 9/1/2022, the television and technology in the Media Room is currently offline and we do not have an estimated date for when it will be back online****


Courtyard – Outdoor seating and landscaping create an open air space within our walls.