East Asian Media & Culture


*** PLEASE NOTE: Lauder College House is transitioning to a first-year house in the fall of 2023 due to renovations in the Quad. As such none of our program communities will be active for the 23-24 academic year***

East Asian Media and Culture (EAMC) is an experiential, living, and learning environment for students looking to participate in a community centered around the exploration of East Asian media and identity. Students are always encouraged to attend community gatherings, which include dinner discussions with faculty experts, group dialogues, scheduled media appreciation events, holiday celebrations, or even simple tea ceremonies for those who just want to relax and chat.

Through EAMC, students are invited to learn about East Asian culture and explore identity together, learning more about others and themselves. We hope to continue to deepen relationships while extending this space to the larger community—providing opportunities for all regardless of background to explore and appreciate East Asian media and culture together.

EAMC Goals:

  1. Create opportunities for members of the greater community to explore and appreciate East Asian media and culture
  2. Learn more about others and self through shared exploration of East Asian media and culture
  3. To give participants a better understanding of East Asian society, arts and culture
  4. Give back to the larger Lauder community through the hosting of open events

Events and Traditions:

EAMC events are based off two pillars -

  1. Community Building - focus on communal bonding over shared interests and the exchange of media from different East Asian cultures.
  2. Exploration/Appreciation of East Asian arts and culture - deepening understanding of others and self through experiences and discussions

Events are self-run and will include celebration of traditional holidays, film screenings, tea parties, cultural food appreciation, dinner discussions, guest speakers etc. There will be regular bi-weekly community gatherings which members are strongly encouraged to attend, on top of other events throughout the month.

Program Requirements:

To get the most out of EAMC, students should be prepared to:

  • Engage with new ideas and perspectives.
  • Share one’s experience and culture.
  • Reflect about one’s own and others’ identities.
  • Commit to supporting others in the community.
  • Contribute to hosting community and appreciation events throughout the year

Students of EAMC are:

  • Highly encouraged to attend bi-weekly community gatherings, which may be in the form of dinner discussions with faculty experts, group dialogues, or scheduled media appreciation events
  • Invited to enjoy all other social events throughout the year
  • Expected to plan and facilitate at least one event for the community throughout the year


Open to First-year Students
Open to Upperclass Students
Program Location: 5th Floor