Lauder College House Residential Dining Hours:

Dinner 5:00pm-8:00pm



Dinner 5:00pm-8:00pm

To view the Weekly Schedule & Menu visit: https://university-of-pennsylvania.cafebonappetit.com/cafe/lauder-college-house/ 




Official Mobile App
As the official mobile ordering app for Penn Dining, Penn Eats is an important benefit of your dining plan and all students are encouraged to take advantage of the mobile ordering platform.
From August 31st - September 17th, receive a FREE cookie with any Penn Eats order!
How to Use
To place your order, open the Penn Eats app, select a dining cafe, select your method of payment (Credit Card, PennCash, Dining Dollars, and Meal Swipe), choose and customize your items, and when your order is confirmed you will be given a pick-up time. Please proceed to the cafe at that time.
Important tips:
  • At our retail cafes, orders should be placed in advance. Houston Market, Starbucks, Accenture, Pret-a-Manger, and Joes take walk-in orders, though we strongly encourage ordering in advance to reduce lines and minimize your wait time.
  • Lauder House Late Night Retail requires you to order in advance and will not accept walk-in orders.
  • Reservations must be placed using the App to dine at Quaker Kitchen in New College House West.
  • Reserving and ordering kosher meals from Falk at Penn Hillel
  • Reservations for Friday Shabbat must be placed by Thursday at midnight.
  • Orders for Sabbath lunch on Saturday must be placed by Thursday midnight and are only available for pick-up during Friday Shabbat dinner.
How to Download
Search “Transact Mobile Ordering” in the app store, and once downloaded you can select The University of Pennsylvania as your location. When creating an account, link it with your Dining Dollars for easy use. To make sure everything is linked properly, you must make sure you use the email address listed in your public profile in the Penn Directory.
If you have any issues or questions, Quakers, please email Thomas MacDonald.
The Power of your Dining Plan:
In addition to traditional residential and retail dining, there are plenty of other ways to utilize your dining plan. As you plan your meals, consider these flexible options:
Meal Exchange
Penn Dining's Meal Exchange program allows you to use a swipe at our retail locations which generally take Dining Dollars. See details below:
  • At Houston Market, you can use a swipe for a prespecified meal bundle (entree, side(s), drink). Please note, when placing an order using Meal Exchange, you must do so either through Penn Eats or directly from the cashiers. The Kiosk system will not allow that particular transaction.
  • Gourmet Grocer and the Retail section of McClelland Sushi and Market allows you to use a swipe for a salad, sandwich or frozen item along with three extras.
  • McClelland Sushi and Market is offering Sushi this year for a swipe!! One swipe will get you either a Roll + a Drink OR a Rice Bowl + a Drink OR a Noodle Bowl + a Drink.
  • Late Night at Lauder! We know hunger doesn't follow a schedule. Curb those late night cravings at Lauder Retail open from 8:30pm-midnight, Monday - Thursday. You can purchase snacks and fan favorites like Burgers and Cheesesteaks using Dining Dollars and Swipes through Penn Eats. Please note: You MUST order through Penn Eats.
Birthday Cakes at Gourmet Grocer
The perfect treat to gift or eat! Birthday cakes from our Farm to Fork partner and West Chester favorite, Artisan Exchange, will be available at Gourmet Grocer for only one swipe. These tasty treats for two are a convenient way to celebrate any occasion.
Kitchen@Commons (Coming Soon!)
Meal kits (think Blue Apron or Hello Fresh) will be available at the Gourmet Grocer for two swipes (enough food for two meals), with rotating menus and vegan/vegetarian options. These easy to assemble kits are designed to provide you with a meal that is both flexible and freshly prepared! Perfect for those times when you need to hunker down to finish that big project.
Love what is on our menu but don't have time to sit and eat? You can get a meal to-go at our participating residential cafes. Green2Go containers, a reusable to-go box, were provided to all campus residents when they moved in.
After you enter the cafe, select your meal, fill your container, and head on your way. Once you have finished your meal, please RINSE the container, and return it to one of the drop-off areas at our participating locations.
Dining Dollars
We also offer unique ways to use your Dining Dollars around campus. Try these options:
Keep in mind that if you want to make changes to your Dining Plan, you may do so ONE time per semester at Campus Express. We encourage you to use your Dining Plan for a week or two, get your class schedule figured out, and then decide whether or not you need to make a change. The last day to make a change to your dining plan is on September 21st.
We know these first few weeks can be overwhelming, and we're here to help. Don't hesitate to ask questions of our Chefs and Managers in the Dining Cafes, email us here, or submit feedback here.
Sincerely -
Penn Dining